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21.5.2021 | Career

Graduation is an exciting time. Once the thesis and courses have been put together, you can start thinking about the steps for your future. Graduation also means a change in the membership level of Students of Business and Technology to the side of graduates: soon you too can be a member of Professionals of Business and Technology!

Elina Leppä, Vice-Chair of the Board of Student of Business and Technology, graduated at the turn of the year. I asked Elina a few questions afterward about what kind of thoughts the change evoked. Below you can read Elina's answers to the question and a few reasons why you should join as a full member of Professionals of Business and Technology:


What kind of ideas did graduation evoke from a professional perspective?

  • I already had a job during graduation which was really Lucky. Without a secure job, graduation would have felt like a really scary leap into the unknown. Graduation was exciting and inspiring since I am now finished with my education and an expert in my field. I can utilize and prove the acquired skills now in working life, and my plans for the future are clear.

How does the utilization of membership benefits change after graduation?

  • After graduation, my mentality towards benefits changed. I went through the website, checked the benefits, and found them to really serve BBA graduates ’needs well! I am very interested in Professionals of Business and Technology’s services for Supervisors and would like to test them because I am currently acting as a team leader at the moment. Professionals of Business and Technology´s services contain a lot of content and training related to different fields.

What benefits have you taken advantage of since graduation?

  • Out of all the benefits, I have used to this date Mostly the insurance. I would really like to take part in the training and online events too. I have been able to save on membership fees with the Cashback benefit.

What is the best member benefit as a member of Professionals of Business and Technology?

  • This is easy to answer. The KoKo unemployment fund and career services are benefits that each of our members can benefit from!

Why should a graduating BBA student join as a full member?

  • Graduation can be a really big life change and a leap into a new one! Switching from a student to a professional can be challenging, especially if jobs are not found right away. Professionals of Business and Technology can help with this matter by career services! The right kind of support, training and personal sparring can make the change feel Smoother. The KoKo unemployment fund is also great security for yourself for the future! Professionals of Business and Technology also have a great job search-focused training and courses.

If you want to upgrade to Professionals of Business and Technology membership after graduation, you can learn about the benefits of membership via this link: 
You can update your membership information in the transaction service, which gives you access to all the benefits of Professionals of Business and Technology! Congratulations to all the graduates and good luck to all the students aiming to Graduate!

Väinö Haapamäki


045 203 5959

Regional responsibility: Talko ry, Sture ry, Atkins ry

Elina Leppä

Vice Chairperson

050 520 2719

Regional responsibility: HePo ry, Hattara ry, HanSe SF

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