Blog: It's time to vote!


Have you noticed that the Student Union Representatives’ election is in progress? Doesn’t the election seem interesting? Does the Student Union sound distant? By reading this text, you will realize their importance!

Student welfare, school restrictions related to the corona pandemic, and the quality of education are just some examples of questions that are talked about in the Student Union Representative Council. This election is like a municipal election in miniature form. In the daily life of the school, the activities of the Student Union may not always be noticed, but if it siezed existing, it would certainly lead to students’ best interests being gradually di. You can now make a difference when it is voting time in the Representatives’ election.

The highest authority in the Student Union is held by the Representative Council. It elects the Student Union Board and members to various committees. The board enforces the decisions of the Representative Council and conducts the daily operations of the Student Union. In turn, the Representative Council decides on major lines such as the adoption of a budget and plan of action and determines the size of the membership fees. The task of the Representative Council is to decide on the validation of the financial statements.

Student Unions watch all students' benefits regardless of one's line of studies locally and nationally. The Student Union is every student's voice in making decisions. Student Unions cooperate with all lines of studies student associations which activities concentrate also on their own lines of studies issues. At the moment the current topics are for example distance learning, increasing the quantity of students and corona restrictions.

By voting in the Student Union Representatives’ election you get to have an impact on who is making decisions. Slates are released and voting has started or will be starting soon. Student associations of Students of Business and Technology (Tradenomiopiskelijat) and The Finnish Union of Engineering Students (Insinööriopiskelijaliitto) have gathered their own lists for the elections. From those lists you can find many different kinds of influencers and by voting them you make sure your voice goes to someone from your own line of studies. This is how you can improve your line of studies action facility. You will find the slates, voting place and schedule from your own student associations announcements or from your Student Union.

The voting percentage varies rapidly from a Student Union to another. It has been at its lowest only around 10 percent. Lifting up the voting percentage is highly important so we get every student's voice heard in Student Unions and schools. Voting is as important now as it is in the upcoming municipal election. Every vote is important so do your part by voting!

Roosa Huttunen


045 653 0553

The Finnish Union of Engineering Students IOL

Jarno Häkkinen


040 758 5158

The Finnish Union of Engineering Students IOL

Anna Pentti

Deputy board member, lobbying

045 148 5660

Regional responsibility: Konkurssi, TTO ry, HÄTÄ ry, SULKA ry

Essi Murto


044 033 5291

Regional responsibility: RLO Kilta ry, PORA ry, VATO ry, Trade ry