The renewed legal protection benefit offers stronger security year by year


Majority of BBA students work while studying. From time to time, work life may bring unexpected hardships, and you might find yourself in a dispute with your employer.

For these situations, we provide our members extensive legal protection, which is there to prevent and resolve disputes with employers, even in court, if necessary.

In the new model, which will come into force on 1 January 2020, the compensation for employment related legal expenses increases in stages up until €30,000 based on the duration of the membership. The excess decreases annually by one per cent down to 0%.

The legal protection also includes legal advice from our lawyers, which helps prevent the majority of problems. A carefully drawn employment contract inspected by a lawyer can help ensure that the jointly agreed rules of employment are not ambiguous in any way. Our lawyers also help with any questions that may arise when an employment relationship comes to an end.

Black members

A Black level member gets full service in dispute situations arising in working life. On the request of a member, our lawyers will contact the employer directly and evaluate in settlement negotiations whether common ground can be found and the dispute settled. 

If necessary, the legal protection compensates for legal costs in employment related court cases according to the lenght of the membership. 

Black membership during studies also increases the value of the legal protection benefit after graduation.  

Gold members

For the Gold members joined before 31 December 2019 the legal protection is continued until 30 September 2020. During transition time the legal protection of Gold members is equal to previous legal expenses and liability insurance (the compensation for legal costs is 15 000 €, the member's excess is 15 %). 

For the Gold members joining after 1 January 2020, the compensation for legal costs is not included in the membership. The Gold members are entitled to employment counseling provided by our attorneys after the reform, as well. 

The best membership for a student working beside the studies is Black membership which includes the unemployment security and legal protection offering unique security for unexpected situations enocountered in working life.