Our exclusive credit card is more competitive than any credit card issued by a bank (APR 6.65%*).

The card's features:

  • MasterCard credit card with contactless payment
  • no annual fee
  • interest rate 5,5 % + 3 months Euribor
  • the annual percentage rate 6,65 %* (3/2019)
  • monthly account charge is 1 €. The charge is collected for each month in which the card has been used for new transactions or if the account has an outstanding balance. 
  • personal credit limit 1000-5000 €
  • instalments 5 %, 10 %, 20 % or 100 % (min. 30 €)
  • the terms of the credit card only apply members of Professionals of Business and Technology. If the membership is ended, the card issuer has a right to cancel the agreement by giving two month's notice.  
  • to qualify for the card, student members must have earned a minimum of 90 ECTS and their maximum credit limit is 1000 €. 

* The APR calculcation is based on a credit amount of 1500 euros over a loan term of one year. Credit is paid back in twelve equal instalments. 

The application form (in Finnish):