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Valuable benefits on housing loan and investments and additional benefits for recent graduates.

Housing loan benefits

Take advantage of your appreciable housing loan benefits

Union members can get a Danske Bank housing loan without delivery or handling fees. For example, you can save EUR 1,200 on a loan of EUR 200,000. On top of this, you get a lower margin on your loan and instalment-free periods without fees.

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Our benefits for union members

  • Lower margin
  • No delivery or handling fees
  • Instalment-free periods without fees
  • Staggered payment plan
  • More affordable daily banking services

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0200 25880 (Mon–Fri 8–18, local network/mobile call charge)

Our housing loans are always more affordable

You will always automatically receive a discount on the margin of your housing loan. As an Akava affiliate member your housing loan will always be cheaper than for non-members. When pricing loans, we take into account the minimum margins applicable. Your loan offer will show you the price for union members and non-members.

Housing loan without fees – save at least EUR 300

We will not charge you delivery or handling fees on your housing loan for your own home. These fees usually amount to 0.60% of the loan capital, and always at least EUR 300.

Up to 50% cheaper daily banking services

We will give you a discount of 25–50% on the monthly fee for your daily banking package for as long as you are paying off your housing loan. The daily banking benefit does not apply to Danske Youth and Danske Study benefit groups. Your daily banking package contains, for example, two accounts and bank identifiers. The discount applies also to MC Platinum and Gold credit cards.

Instalment-free periods without fees – save EUR 180 every time

You can apply for instalment-free periods of 4–12 months without a delivery fee. You can use the instalment-free periods however you want, just when your financial situation needs a bit of flexibility; for example, to spend time with your family, strengthen your competence by studying or to save up for something important. You require a positive credit decision to qualify for an instalment-free period.

Payment plan with instalment levels that suit your life

You choose how you want to start repaying your loan. This will leave you with more money, for example, to fit out your home, a new phase in life or even for a future nest egg. You can set fixed, staggered instalment levels for the first five years of your loan.

An example of how you can utilise the instalment levels:

  1. Instalments in the first two years EUR 500/month
  2. Instalments in the third year EUR 750/month
  3. Remaining instalments EUR 1,000/month

Instalments can be made using 2-3 different instalment levels. The instalment method must be a fixed annuity. The bank must make a separate positive decision for you to qualify for the loan.

For example, if the customer takes out a loan of EUR 170,000, the loan term would be 20 years and the 12-month euribor would be used as the reference rate, which means the total interest on the loan would be 0.75% (the annual percentage rate as calculated under the Consumer Protection Act is 0.841%). The total credit and other credit costs are EUR 184,851.86, including the handling fee of EUR 875 and an automatic account debit charge of EUR2.70/instalment, total number of instalments 240. (Information as per the situation on 22 April 2021)

Read more: danskebank.fi/tradenomit

Investment benefits

As a member of Professionals of Business and Technology, you can invest easily and affordably. 

We make it easy for you to invest in a way that suits your own personal situation. Regardless of your bank, you are always entitled to benefits as a member of an Akava affiliate – whether you prefer to invest by yourself, are looking for a ready solution or would like personal investment advice. Money does not automatically create happiness, but it does offer financial peace of mind and independence. We offer you the tools you need to grow your wealth – select the ones that are most suitable for you!

Membership benefits:

  • Trading Online service with no monthly fees. You only pay commission fees for the transactions you make. 
  • Asset management and investment advice services -15 %. 
  • Danske account and online identifiers for investors free of charge.
  • Free transfer of book-entry accounts to Danske Bank. 
  • For companies, free initial meeting and support for personal legal matters. 
  • Service from experts specialised in your exact needs. 
  • Monitor and manage your investments conveniently on your mobile device. 

Additional benefits for recently graduates

  • Extended daily banking services free of charge
  • MasterCard Platinum
  • Access to 1000 airport VIP lounges and  comprehensive travel insurance
  • Loan without starting fee 

More information on the benefits from Danske Bank: tel. 0200 25880 and danskebank.fi/akava