Legal expenses and liability insurance

The legal expenses and liability insurance covers, for example, legal expenses in employment disputes.

In the event of employment disputes, full members and black level student members are protected by the union's legal expenses insurance, which covers legal expenses in employment disputes of up to EUR 15,000, excluding a fixed excess of 15%. 

Employment disputes are not covered by the legal expenses policies of regular home insurance schemes, and insurance companies do not offer legal expenses coverage for employment disputes to private customers. 

Entrepreneur members

Our legal expenses and liability insurance also covers entrepreneur members with certain conditions. It is available to self-employed members whose business has one of the following statuses:

  • private trader
  • limited company, if the member is the sole owner and employee
  • limited partnership, if the member is the only partner and has no employees, and the silent partner(s) only provide capital and do not work in the business. 

Legal expenses insurance may be available to self-employed members, e.g. in the following cases:

  • a dispute with customer regarding invoicing and/or the quality of the service
  • a dispute with a landlord regarding rented business premises
  • a dispute with a supplier regarding invoicing or the quality of goods