Blog: General assembly of Students of Business and Technology 2020


This year's General Assembly was scheduled to take place in Jyväskylä, but the board felt the prevailing COVID-19 situation posed significant risks to the meeting. For this reason, we decided to move the meeting principally to remote implementation and moved the physical location of the meeting to Pasila, Helsinki. This allowed each meeting representative to attend the meeting online via Zoom.

Jere Nieminen, chairman of the board 2018, was invited to be the chairman of this year’s general assembly.

The meeting began Saturday morning with a few greetings. Pyry Meriluoto, the sitting chairman of the board, presented the 2019 Action Report as well as a briefing on the period between the general assemblies.

As the meeting moved into recess on Saturday afternoon, a gathering of two committees began. A Elections Committee as well as the committee of organisation were gathered at the meeting. Both committees included members of the assembly decided by the meeting, as well as members of the sitting board.

The Elections Committee interviewed all pre-registered board applicants and, on that basis, issued their own motions on the elective persons before Sunday's election.

The Committee of Organisation dealt with the Plan of Action and the Budget for 2021, and the Declaration signed by the general assembly. The Committee of Organisation will prepare the draft amendments to the bases prepared by the board. On Sunday, the sitting board may take changes to its name, at which point the change will take effect. The board may also not take them into its name, at which point the final position between the base motion and the amendment motion will be voted on at the meeting.

In the elections following individuals were elected to the board for the year 2021:

President - Jere Liitiäinen (Tradenomiopiskelijat)
Vice-President — Elina Leppä (LapTOp ry)

Board members:

Maiju Jokihaara (Talko ry)
Mindi Katainen (Talko ry)
Väinö Haapamäki (Joensuun Kilta ry)
Sini Tuovinen (KuoTra ry)
Aapo Hirvonen (SULKA ry)
Anna Poropudas (Outo ry)
Carl Åberg (Trade ry)

The responsibilities of those elected will be divided at their organizing meeting later in the autumn.

A big thank you to all those who attended the general assembly! We hope everyone has a great autumn.