Studies and work

Majority of BBA students work while studying. We help BBA students in all questions related to work and career and make sure BBA students are treated fairly in working life.

All BBA students work at some point of their studies. Most students have summer and part-time jobs and especially towards the end of one’s studies they tend to work almost full-time. Working life becomes familiar to every BBA student at least in the mandatory internship, which is often carried out in an employment relationship.

In order to provide BBA students with accurate information we study BBA students' salaries and placement in the labor market every year. Based on the results we give salary recommendations for students and newly graduates.

Our aim is to increase knowlegde and appreciation of the BBA degree and strengthen BBA students' knowlegde about working life. We take part in discussions concerning education policy and promote BBA students' interests in different arenas. 

In addition to helping BBA students in problem situations they encounter in working life, we promote our members' career development in many ways. You can ask for an expert's opinion of your career plans or LinkedIn profile, find out how much salary you should get or ask for tips concerning time and stress management if combining studies and working feels too heavy. 

We have gathered useful career planning tips and basic information concerning employment issues in this BBA student's employment guide