Salary counseling

Need help in defining a salary request or justifying a salary rise?

We offer our members salary level evaluation and advice on salary issues. You can make use of the salary counseling whether you are a student about to embark on your career, a recent graduate or someone who is already firmly in working life. 

At its simplest, salary counseling can be an estimate of the appropriate salary level in your current or new post. At its most extensive, salary counselling may mean an in-depth discussion on your salary level, salary development and salary negotiations with your employer. The extent of the counselling is dependent on your needs.

The appropriate salary level and the opportunities to negotiate a salary rise is usually evaluated based on statistics and sometimes also on the basis of the applicable collective agreement. Your individual career developement is also used in the assessment. 

Salary recommendations for BBA students and newly graduates are listed here. 

In order to assess the appropriate salary level, we need the following information:

  • Graduation or estimated graduation time
  • Your work history (the amount of work experience, career development)
  • Your current salary level

If you need an assessment of the appropriate salary level for your current job, we also need:

  • Your job description (job title, responsibilities)
  • The basis for your salary (collective agreement or contractual salary)
  • Your salary development during this employment
  • The employer's salary policy (e.g. the basis for salary rises)

If you need an assessment of the appropriate salary request, tell also:

  • Description of the job you are applying (job title, responsibilities)

Contact us

We are usually able to answer e-mails within two working days after receiving the. Please contact us by phone if the matter is urgent. 

The service is intended only for members of Professionals of Business and Technology so please let us know your member ID when contacting us.

Salary counseling

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