Tips for budding entrepreneurs

At the early stages of entrepreneurship, good advice and support are essential. We recommend a few parties where you can get help and inspiration to move forward with your thoughts. Also take advantage of the entrepreneurship coaching that is included in the membership of Professionals of Business and Technology.

Get up-to-date information and help with planning and starting a business from Business Incubators. Also check out the Akava Entrepreneurs AKY's Entrepreneur Guide, which provides tips on topics such as starting a business, marketing, bookkeeping, and taxation. Take advantage of Tradenomi's free entrepreneurship coaching. The online training is always tailored to your needs.


Professionals of Business and Technology collaborates with Uusyrityskeskus. They help aspiring entrepreneurs all over Finland and offer free advice, the goal of which is to help those interested in entrepreneurship get the best possible start for their business activities.

Topics of entrepreneur counseling include:

  • Developing a business idea
  • Developing entrepreneurial skills and competencies
  • Business plans
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Market research
  • Sales and pricing
  • Financial and profitability calculations

Business counseling can help with the preparation of plans and calculations, as well as making good choices from the very early stages of the business. The counseling is provided by business advisors with extensive experience in working with start-up entrepreneurs.

If you are considering starting your own business, book an appointment at your nearest Uusyrityskeskus here.

The Business Incubator also publishes an annual Foundation Guide for the Starting Entrepreneur, which brings together all the information needed to start a business in an easy-to-understand format.

AKY's Entrepreneur Guide

The Akava Entrepreneurs AKY's "Eväitä Yrittäjälle" entrepreneur guide provides tips and inspiration on the path of entrepreneurship for both those considering entrepreneurship and those already operating as entrepreneurs. The guide provides tips on topics such as starting a business, sales and marketing, insurance, bookkeeping, and taxation.

Entrepreneurship coaching to help you get started

Tradenomi membership includes free entrepreneurship coaching with an experienced coach. The online training is always tailored to your needs.