Our highest decision-making body is the council, which has 35 members. The Tradenomit council is elected every three years in member elections, in which all eligible members have the right to vote and the opportunity to stand for election. The student representatives of the council are appointed by Students of Business and Technology.

The council's most important tasks are to verify our strategic guidelines, to process annual operational plans and budgets, and to decide on the amount of membership fees. The council meets generally 2–4 times a year. At the spring meeting, the council approves the previous year's activity report and financial statements. At the autumn meeting, the council decides on the operational plan and budget. The council's term of office begins at the confirmation of the result of our council election and lasts for three years.

Council members


Our board is responsible for planning and implementing the union’s activities. The board can, when necessary, establish committees.

The term of office of our community's board is three years. The board members are elected by the Council. The current board was elected to its position in August 2023.

Board members

Working Committee

The working committee is appointed and appointed by the board. The working committee consists of the executive board and the executive director, and it prepares matters for the board to consider.


Our office implements the activities of the union in accordance with the guidelines of the board. The executive director is responsible for general management and operational activities. In addition to general management, the activities are divided into four units: advocacy and lobbying, legal counseling and salary, services, and communications.

Students of Business and Technology

Students are an integral part of our activities and they are represented in the union by Students of Business and Technology, which is an independent organization led by students.

Regional and Sector-specific Activities

Our regional and sector-specific activities in different parts of Finland are carried out by associations and regional management groups, which organize a variety of training and leisure events. Everyone who is a member of our community can participate in the activities of the associations, and the associations do not collect separate membership fees.

Regional activities

Negotiation and Contract Work

We are a member of the Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Employees in Finland (AKAVA). The collective bargaining of our members is handled through Akava’s negotiating organizations. The collective bargaining of our members working in the private sector is handled by  The Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN, and members working in the public sector is handled by Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals JUKO.

For more information about our advocacy work, see the advocacy section.