Why Professionals of Business and Technology?

Are you still thinking? Read 6 good reasons to join the Professionals of Business and Technology today.

1 If you become unemployed, you will receive higher unemployment benefits

You are insured against unemployment, as membership includes unemployment benefits.

Once you have met the employment condition, which means that you have been in the workforce for a total of 26 weeks or your full-time salary is at least in accordance with the collective agreement, the fund will pay unemployment benefits to its unemployed members. The daily allowance of a member of our fund is significantly higher than the support received by an unemployed person who is not a member of the union. By joining BBA Professionals, you are therefore insuring yourself for a rainy day.

In addition, we support you in the event of unemployment by providing advice, career coaching, and training – all for the price of a membership fee.
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2 Travel and accident insurance

Planning a trip? Need accident insurance? As a member of BBA Professionals, you can enjoy the benefits of free-time accident and travel insurance at the price of your membership fee. As a member of the union, you can also get great discounts on other insurances from our partners.


3 Legal support in times of work-related crisis

No one wants to face a dispute at work that could end up in court. However, if this happens, BBA Professonals are there for you. In a difficult situation, a skilled partner is invaluable.

Our unique legal protection benefit includes preventive employment counseling, such as commenting on employment contracts, a variety of advice related to employment, and protection to cover the costs of legal proceedings related to employment matters. We also offer legal protection to our self-employed members.
* Please note that Tradenomi's legal services in potential dispute cases are more than just a few minutes of consultation!

Our services also include handling employment-related disputes, such as initiating conciliation negotiations on your behalf. Tradenomit members receive the union's legal services for the price of their membership fee. The price of similar services purchased from law firms is an average of 250 euros per hour.
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4 Career Services – Salary, Well-being at work, Counseling, Career Development

Is my salary in line with industry norms? What should I strive for next in my career? How can I be more effective at self-leading? What if I don't feel like it?

You can always get support from us for the questions above. We offer salary advice to our members to help with tasks such as requesting a salary increase or making a salary assessment. With the help of a mentor, you can get support for your professional development, whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional. Personal occupational well-being coaching will help you when you need a helping hand with issues such as feeling overwhelmed or challenges with time management. Learn more


One of the union's most important tasks is to influence on behalf of its members. We influence the working conditions and terms of trade unionists and are involved in creating the best working life in the world, so that your everyday life would be smooth and easy.

Tradenomit is a member of the Ylemmät Toimihenkilöt YTN ry. We also actively negotiate several collective agreements for senior officials through YTN. Tradenomit's experts are negotiators in many collective agreements.


6 Here it comes: We are the largest BBA community in Finland

Tradenomit is also one of the fastest-growing unions in Finland. What does this mean in practice?

Here's where the power is. We develop, negotiate, and defend our members with full force. As a member, you can take advantage of a cavalcade of services and benefits that are not available from every union.

Of course, you will get all of this for the price of a membership fee.

  • ​​​​​​The membership fee is 33€ per month, including unemployment fund membership.
  • Student membership prices: Silver level 0€, Gold level 19€/year and we recommend the Black level membership for working students, as it includes unemployment fund membership at 89€/year.

Did you know that the membership fee is fully tax-deductible? In practice, the amount you have to pay is often more than 100€ less than the membership price. The tax deduction is affected by your annual income and home municipality in addition to the size of the membership fee.

In addition, you are eligible for a membership fee discount if you are, for example, a recent graduate, on parental leave, or on layoff. You can learn more about all membership fee discounts here.

Your possibilities are limitless
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