Membership conditions

Members have the right to use the member benefits and services corresponding to their membership type from the date of joining, as well as to participate in member events. If the membership ends, the right to use member benefits ends on the date of membership termination.


  • The membership includes insurance for leisure travel and accidents.
  • The insured are the full members of the Tradenomit as well as the gold and black level student members.
  • The insured are members of the union who are under the age of 68, who live permanently in Finland for more than six months a calendar year, whose permanent residence is in Finland, and who are covered by the Finnish Social Insurance Act.
  • The insurance coverage is linked to the union membership. If a member resigns or is expelled from the union, the insurance coverage ends immediately. When a member retires or turns 68, the insurance coverage ends at the end of the current year.

You can find the more detailed terms of the insurance coverage here

Legal protection

  • The legal protection benefit, which applies to labor disputes, is included in the membership for full members, family members, and black-level members
  • Members who have been members of the union for at least six months at the time of the dispute are entitled to use the benefit
  • If the member's full membership, family membership, or black-level membership was in effect for less than two years at the time of the dispute, the facts on which the dispute or claim is based must also have arisen during the validity period of the legal protection benefit

You can find the more detailed terms of the legal protection benefit here

Up-to-date membership information

  • It is the member's responsibility to keep their contact information and other membership information up to date, as well as the accuracy of their membership type
  • Student membership must be changed to full membership at the latest upon graduation. It is advisable to clarify the need to change membership type when starting a business, moving abroad, or retiring

You can update your membership information in our online member services

Family membership

  • Two full members of the Tradenomit who live in the same household have the possibility of family membership. The second member of the family receives a reduced membership fee and one common member magazine is sent to the family. The member is responsible for notifying the Tradenomit of the start and end of family membership.

Membership fees

  • The member must pay their membership fees in a timely manner in accordance with the payment method they have chosen. The right to use member benefits and services is valid when the membership fee situation is up to date. The membership fee situation is checked when using the services, and the use of the services may be denied to a member who has not paid their outstanding membership fees. A longer payment period for the invoice must be agreed separately with the Tradenomit member service. During the payment plan, the member has the right to use member benefits and services if the agreed payment plan has been followed.
  • The Tradenomit membership fee is a fixed monthly or annual fee, the amount of which is not affected by the member's salary income. The member is entitled to a tax deduction for the membership fee, for which we will notify the tax authorities on behalf of the member annually.

Membership fee discounts

  • A membership fee discount (50%) is available to a member who has been without salary income for at least one month continuously. The right to a membership fee discount does not apply to student members. The member must notify the Tradenomit of the basis for the membership fee discount and apply for the discount when it is relevant. The membership fee discount must be applied for by February of the following year at the latest. After this, the membership fee discount cannot be applied for retroactively.

Termination of membership

  • The member has the right to terminate their membership at any time without notice. The termination of membership must be notified to the Tradenomit member service and the actual resignation notification must be submitted in accordance with the given instructions. Depending on the date of receipt of the resignation notification, membership fees must be paid until the end of the month in which the resignation notification is received in the member service or until the end of the previous month.