Membership conditions

A member has a right to use member benefits included in the specific membership type as of the beginning date of the membership. If a membership is being terminated, member’s right to use member benefits ends as of the membership’s ending date.


Insurances included in the membership are also effective as of the beginning date of the membership. However, legal expence and liability insurance is not effective until after being a member for 6 months.

Legal expence and liability insurance becomes effective without a waiting period in case a member has been a Silver level student member for at least 6 months before changing the membership type to Gold or Black level student membership or full membership (and changing the membership type to full membership occurs within 3 months after graduation), or if a member has had similar insurance included in her/his previous union membership right before joining Professionals of Business and Technology.

Updating the membership information

A member is responsible for updating her/his contact information and other membership information as well as taking care of having a correct type of membership. Student membership must be changed to full membership upon graduation at the latest. When starting a business, moving abroad or retiring it is essential to determine whether changes in the membership type are required.

Family membership

Two members of Professionals of Business and Technology living in the same household have the option of family membership. The second member of the household is entitled to lower membership fee and only one Tradenomi magazine is sent per household. The members themself are responsible for informing Professionals of Business of Technology of starting or ending a family membership.

Membership fees

A member is obliged to pay membership fees according to the payment method of her/his choice. The right to use member benefits of Professionals of Business and Technology is dependent on membership fees being up ­to­ date. Payment status is revised whenever a member uses services and if the member has outstanding membership fees, giving service can be denied.

The due date of an invoice can be extended if necessary by agreement with member service of Professionals of Business and Techology. During the course of the agreed payment plan a member has the right to use member benefits required that the conditions of the payment plan are being met.

The membership fees of Professionals of Business and Technology are monthly or yearly fixed fees, the amount of which do not depend on a member’s income. A member is automatically entitled to receive a tax reduction, for which we provide the necessary information yearly to tax authorities on behalf of our members.

Membership fee discounts

A member who is without salary for at least 3 consecutive months, is entitled to 50 % reduction of the membership fee. Discounted membership fees are not granted to student members. The member her­/himself
must notify Professionals of Business and Technology of the grounds for discount and apply for the discount in timely manner. Discounted membership fees for the present year must be applied for in February of next year at the latest. A retroactive discount can not be applied for any later.

Ending membership

A member has a right to end her/his membership without a term of notice. The member service of Professionals of Business and Technology must be notified of terminating the membership and the actual termination notice must be given as instructed.

Depending on termination notice’s arrival date, the membership fees must be paid up until the end of the month during which the member service of Professionals of Business and Technology has received the termination notice or up until the end of previous month.