What insurances are included in the membership?

Full membership and gold and black level student membership include a leisure travel and accident insurance. In addition, members receive significant discounts on other insurances.

I already have insurances that overlap with the Professionals of Business and Technology insurances. Can I get a membership without insurance?

The insurances included in the Tradenomi Association membership cannot be terminated separately, but they start and end at the same time as the membership. If you have other similar insurances, it is advisable to clarify the need for these insurances and terminate overlapping insurances. The insurances included in the Tradenomi Association membership are very comprehensive, so there is usually no need for other similar insurances.

How can I find out what all situations the Professionals of Business and Technology insurances cover?

The Professionals of Business and Technology cannot comment on insurance terms, such as the validity of the insurance in individual cases or the limitations of the insurance validity to the extent that the matter has not been precisely defined in the applicable insurance terms. For more detailed or specific insurance inquiries, you should contact the customer service of If Insurance Company.

The current insurance terms for the insurances taken out by the Professionals of Business and Technology for its members can be found on If's member page at

How comprehensive is the Professionals of Business and Technology accident and travel insurance?

The accident insurance has a €100 deductible, the travel insurance has no deductible at all. There are euro-denominated upper limits for accident compensation; travel insurance covers damages without a euro-denominated upper limit. The travel insurance covers the costs incurred from illnesses or accidents that occur during the trip, as well as the costs incurred from the cancellation or interruption of the trip due to illness or accident. In serious illness cases or death cases, the travel insurance also covers the costs of repatriation from abroad to Finland. As the name suggests, travel insurance is a personal insurance, so travel items are not covered by this insurance. Travel insurance is often included in home insurance or credit card company insurance, the terms of which should be clarified before taking out a separate travel insurance.

Where is the Professionals of Business and Technology travel insurance valid?

The leisure accident and travel insurance is valid both in Finland and abroad, regardless of the country to which the overseas trip is directed.

Do I need proof of the validity of the travel insurance when I leave for a trip?

The Professionals of Business and Technology membership card (mobile card or printed membership card) serves as proof of insurance on the trip. The insurance number (201-2053933) and insurance company information can be found on the card. If you do not have a membership card, you can order one here. If you have not had time to receive your membership card before you leave for your trip, you may not need a separate insurance certificate either. The validity of the insurance on the trip is not dependent on the insurance certificate, but the insurance is valid automatically based on the membership. You can find instructions for applying for insurance compensation under the heading How to proceed if I get sick or have an accident on a trip.

When applying for a visa, you usually need a separate certificate of the validity of the travel insurance. The insurance certificate cannot be issued by the Tradenomi Association office, but must be requested directly from If Insurance Company's customer service.

How do I proceed if I get sick or have an accident on a trip?

Professionals of Business and Technology members are insured by If Insurance Company. In the event of a medical case or accident, you can go to a contract doctor's office in the travel destination, where the costs can be billed directly to the insurance company based on the insurance information on your membership card. You can check here if there is a contract doctor's office in your destination. If there is no contract doctor's office in the travel destination or you do not have your membership card/insurance certificate with you on the trip, you will have to pay the doctor's fees, etc. yourself and apply for compensation from the insurance company afterwards. If's compensation service generally works very quickly, so if you pay the costs with a credit card, you will probably be able to receive the insurance compensation before the bill expires. On domestic trips, the costs are always paid first yourself and the compensation is applied for afterwards.

On If's member pages at, you can find more detailed instructions, such as how to act in an emergency situation on an overseas trip.

How to apply for compensation

Compensation can be applied for through If's own website at You can also download the If Mobiili application, with which you can easily report damage, view your insurances, or make updates to them.

You do not need to attach costs or receipts to the damage report, but If may request them if necessary. However, you should keep all relevant documents (such as medical certificates and receipts for costs) until you receive a compensation decision. If's compensation service is very efficient, and you will usually receive a compensation decision within a few days.

Are my children also insured?

The travel insurance is also valid for your children under the age of 20 who are traveling with you. If both parents are members of Tradenomi, compensation for costs incurred due to illness or accidents of children can only be claimed from the insurance of one of the parents. If a child travels alone or with another parent who is not a member of Tradenomi, the insurance is not valid in this case.

Are there any restrictions on the validity of the insurances in sports activities?

The If Insurance Company's personal insurance terms, which apply to Tradenomi member insurances, exclude several sports from the scope of the insurances. The current insurance terms, which define these restrictions, can be found on If's member page at