Education Policy

We want our universities of applied sciences to provide high-quality, working life-oriented education and to grant everyone the opportunity to develop their competence throughout their careers.

We work to promote awareness of the BBA degree, to improve the quality and content of the degree programs and to develop systems for predicting future education needs.

Our goal is to ensure that BBA graduates are sufficiently prepared for specialist positions and that there is enough work available for all BBA degree holders. Everyone must have the opportunity to keep their competence up to date throughout their careers.


Continuous learning

  • We advocate for the creation of a skills account system. Each person of working age would receive an annual “skills voucher” in their skills account, to be financed with employees’ and employers’ contributions to a skills insurance fund. This voucher could be used to pay for adult education fees. 
  • Demand-driven further education and training would offer everyone the opportunity to keep their competence up to date.
  • The skills voucher would be a tax-exempt employee benefit. 

Developing the higher education sector

  • The financial base of universities of applied sciences must be expanded and universities of applied sciences must be encouraged to distinguish themselves.
  • Master’s degree programs in universities of applied sciences should be developed to meet the needs of the job market.
  • The Finnish degree title of the YAMK degree to be changed to “Maisteri (AMK)”. The current Finnish title of the Master's degree does not adequately describe the level of the degree. The status of the degree can be improved and the position of graduates in working life improved by changing the degree title.

Tuomas Meriniemi

Special Advisor, education, industrial policy, employment

040 357 2628


Tuomas Meriniemi