Payment methods

How do I pay the union's membership fee? You can choose the billing cycle and payment method that suits you. The union's membership fee can be deducted directly from your salary (employer's collection) or you can pay your membership fee yourself monthly, quarterly, or annually.

You can choose the payment method and billing cycle for membership fees when joining the union in the membership application. The payment method can be changed later inonline services or by notifying us about the matter to our member service.

Billing cycle

Billing occurs according to your choice either monthly, quarterly, or annually. The billing months for quarterly billing are February, May, August, and November. For annual billing, billing occurs in February. The due date for invoices is the 25th day of the billing month or the following banking day.

If the membership begins in the middle of the year, the first invoice will be sent no later than the following month of joining, after which billing will be transferred to the normal rhythm.

Payment options

Pay your membership fee conveniently and free of charge by e-invoice or MobilePay. If you want a paper bill, we will add a 2.90 € billing fee. Alternatively, your employer can collect the payment directly from your salary.


You can order an e-invoice in two ways:

  1. You can easily order an e-invoice in our member service. Click "Update payment method or billing cycle" in the service and select e-invoice as your payment method. You will receive a new e-invoice to approve in your online banking.

  2. If you wish, you can also order an e-invoice directly in your online banking. In online banking, select Tradenomiliitto TRAL ry as the biller and use your membership number as the identification number.

  • You can find your membership number in online services, your membership card, the back cover of Tradenomi magazine, your membership fee invoice, or our electronic newsletters
  • The information about making an e-invoice agreement is automatically transferred from the bank to us within a few working days

In your own online banking, you can also set up automatic payment, so you don't have to approve e-invoices separately when they arrive. The invoices will be automatically charged to your account on the due date. E-invoices do not have a billing fee.


  1. Download the MobilePay app to your phone from the app store.

  2. Change MobilePay to the payment method in Tradenomi's member services.

  • You can change the payment method in member services in the section "Update payment method or billing cycle" or by notifying us about the matter to our member service.
  • You will receive a text message when the membership fee is payable in the MobilePay app.
  • MobilePay invoices do not have a billing fee.

Paper bill

If the payment method is paper or email billing, a billing fee of 2.90 € will be added to the invoices. You can also receive an attachment containing the information of a paper invoice by email. This payment method is only recommended for members living abroad if it is not possible to receive an e-invoice.

Employer's collection

The membership fee can also be handled through the workplace through payroll. In this case, the employer will deduct your membership fee monthly directly from your salary and pay it to us. To authorize the employer's collection of membership fees, you must fill out an electronic power of attorney. Once we have received the power of attorney, we will provide the employer with the information for billing your membership fees.

If you choose employer's collection as the payment method, you must also remember to notify our member service of a change of job or unpaid periods, as we do not receive information from anywhere else.

Employer's collection is only possible for members who pay the normal full membership fee. All members who pay a different or reduced membership fee pay their membership fee themselves. Employer's collection is also not possible for student members.

If necessary, you can also use the employer's collection power of attorney below:

Downloadable employer's collection form


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