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It is important for us to support our members on their entrepreneurial journey. In the future, more and more people will be self-employed. Careers are becoming increasingly diverse and many of us work as employees, entrepreneurs, or both at the same time.

Entrepreneur membership services

As an entrepreneur, you get the following services included in your membership fee:

In addition to the targeted services, entrepreneur members have access to the same benefits and services as full members. However, there are some differences between the member benefits of entrepreneur members and employee members.

  • The legal protection differs slightly from employee members. Tradenomi lawyers are specialized in labor law and do not handle, for example, disputes between companies. For legal questions related to business operations, help can be obtained from the Finnish Chamber of Commerce's counseling service. The counseling service is available to members who have purchased the Finnish Chamber of Commerce's service package. The service package is free for entrepreneur members.
  • The membership fee for entrepreneur members is €27.50 per month. The membership fee does not include membership in the unemployment fund

Entrepreneur member unemployment insurance

Membership in the Yrittäjän Työttömyyskassa (Yrittäjäkassa) unemployment fund cannot be activated through Tradenomi, but must be applied for separately. However, membership in the Yrittäjäkassa can be in force alongside Professionals of Business and Technology entrepreneur membership.

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Join as an entrepreneur member

If you are already a member of Tradenomi, your membership type will be changed to entrepreneur membership when you terminate your membership in the KOKO fund. Before that, you do not need to make any changes to your membership due to being an entrepreneur.

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