Our annual mentoring program offers the opportunity to share experiences and professional growth.

At mentoring meetings, it is possible to discuss, for example, one's own skills, building networks, well-being and self-leadership, and future dreams. If job search is currently relevant to the mentee, the mentor can also support and spar in the job search.

Mentoring process

During the mentoring program, there will be three group meetings with a coach. The pairs will meet each other between group meetings 2-3 times, according to their own situation and schedule.

A mentee is a BBA who is at the beginning of their career or who has been in the workforce for a longer time. You are a good fit for a mentee if you are looking for a new direction in your career or for tips on how to advance in your career.

You are a good fit for a mentor if you want to share your knowledge and skills with another BBA and help them move forward. As a mentor, you will also develop yourself.

How to join?
Our mentoring program starts in the fall. We will announce the start of the mentoring program in our newsletter and on social media. Follow our communication!