BBAs and opportunities for further education and training

In the rapidly changing world of work, developing your competence is essential.

Master of Business Administration

Many BBAs go on to complete a master’s degree in order to deepen their knowledge, develop their expertise and support their career advancement. When applying for jobs, an MBA from an university of applied sciences is regarded as equivalent to a master’s degree from a university.

  • the scope of the Master of Business Administration degree is 90 ECTS credits and the degree takes approximately 2–3 years to complete.
  • most students study while working.
  • studies include a thesis (30 credits), which is implemented as a work development project, often in connection with the student’s own position.
  • studying in degree programs is free of charge.

You can apply to study through the joint application procedure organized biannually in the spring and fall. Admission requirements for MBA programs include a bachelor’s degree (or other applicable tertiary degree) and a minimum of three years of experience in the relevant field after the completion of the degree.

More information about the MBA degree, the degree programs and the institutions offering them can be found in the Studyinfo service.


Other opportunities for further education and training

In addition to MBA programs, Bachelors of Business Administration graduates have a number of other opportunities to improve their competence:

  • Master’s degree programs in academic institutions
  • Specialist education in a higher education institution
  • Training paid for by the employer
  • Studying abroad
  • Training provided by the Professionals of Business and Technology 

As a member of the Professionals of Business and Technology, you can consult our personal career coaching services for help with your further education plans!