Video interview simulator

Do you wonder how to succeed in a job interview? Are you looking for tips on how to handle the interview situation?

By preparing carefully for a job interview, you can be relaxed during the interview and present your skills convincingly.

Practice video interviews using a simulator and get tips on how to succeed in interviews from an online course.

Video interview simulator

Video interviews have become increasingly common, but appearing on video can feel strange. As a member, you can try out Finland's most used video interview platform, Recright! Our service is offered by our partner Coolla.

You can use the simulator whenever it suits you best and practice until you are satisfied with your answers. At the same time, you can also train your language skills: the simulator has questions in Finnish, English, and Swedish.

You only need internet connection and a mobile device or computer with a camera. You are guided forward in the service. In any technical questions you may approach 

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