Member magazines

Order Kauppalehti Optio, Talouselämä, MikroBitti, or Tivi at a cheaper price.


As a member of Tradenomit, you can subscribe to magazines at a discounted price!

The following magazines are available as combination or digital subscriptions.

  • A combination subscription includes both the printed and digital versions of the magazine.
  • The magazine is not delivered abroad.

Magazine prices for members as of January 1, 2024

Magazine Member Price Yearly discount 
Kauppalehti Optio 10 € / kk 59 €
Talouselämä (with Digi) 18 € / kk 323 €
MikroBitti (with Digi) 10 € / kk 89 €
Tivi (with Digi) 11 € / kk 107 €
Talouselämä Digi 7 € / kk 115 €
Mikrobitti Digi 4 € / kk 51 €
Tivi Digi 5 € / kk 102 €


How to order a member magazine

You can order the member magazine or magazines you want through our online services. Your subscription will start from the beginning of the following month. After ordering the digital magazine, you will receive instructions on how to read the magazine in your email.

Member magazines are usually billed with your regular membership fee. Only members who are enrolled in employer collection will be billed an additional fee on a separate invoice every three months.