Accident and traveler's insurance

The membership includes insurance coverage for leisure time accidents and travels.

Your membership includes a leisure travel and accident insurance. The insurance covers full members of the Tradenomi Association and student members at the gold and black levels. Damages covered by the travel insurance are compensated without an upper limit in euros, but there are upper limits for compensation under the accident insurance.

Travel insurance

  • The Professionals of Business and Technology membership card can be used as a travel insurance card, but it is not mandatory. It is sufficient to know the insurance number (201-2053933), and the validity of the insurance will be checked if necessary.
  • The insurance covers members who have a permanent residence in Finland.
  • Children under the age of 20 who are traveling with their parents or grandparents are also covered by the insurance. However, if both parents are Tradenomi Association members, only one of the parents can claim insurance benefits for their children.

Travel insurance covers the cost of medical treatment for illnesses and accidents that occur during a trip, without an upper limit in euros and without a deductible. In addition, the insurance covers the cost of transportation home to Finland approved by If in cases of illness and death, as well as any additional costs incurred due to the cancellation, interruption, or late arrival of the trip caused by these events.

Medical treatment costs are covered for up to 90 days from the start of treatment, and accident treatment costs are covered for up to three years from the date of the accident. The insurance is valid for up to 45 days from the start of a single leisure trip. If the trip lasts longer than 45 days, please contact If Insurance Company for insurance options.

Travel insurance also for children

Children under the age of 20 who are traveling with their insured parent on the same trip are also covered by the insurance, but only under one insurance policy at a time. Children have the same coverage as the member, and in addition, the compensation for death caused by an accident is 2,000 euros and the compensation for total permanent disability caused by an accident is 10,000 euros. The coverage has a sports restriction in accordance with the insurance terms.

Accident insurance

The insurance covers accidents that occur during leisure time, unless they are covered by law. The insurance is issued by If Insurance Company, Finnish Branch, and it is a standard If insurance product. Coverage for accident-related medical costs

The cost of treating an accident injury is up to €6,286 per accident. The deductible is €100.

Coverage for permanent disability
The compensation for permanent disability is up to €22,553 per accident. The amount is paid out based on the medical degree of disability. Unlike the insurance terms, section 3.9, no double compensation is paid out from this coverage.

Coverage for accidental death
The compensation for accidental death is €11,278.

The insurance does not include daily allowance. More detailed information about the details of the insurance can be found in the insurance terms. Unlike the general terms, the beneficiaries of the accident insurances taken by the organization are always the family members.

How to claim compensation

Compensation is applied for through If's website at You can also download the If MobilApp, where you can easily report damage, view your insurances, or make updates to them.

You do not need to attach costs or receipts to the damage report, but If will request them if necessary. However, you should keep documents related to the matter (such as medical certificates and receipts for expenses) until you receive a compensation decision. If's compensation service is very efficient and you usually receive a compensation decision within a few days.

You can get access to your own pages even if you do not have personal insurances with If. You can get access to the service by calling If's customer service.

Organization insurance

Tradenomi Association has also insured its members against personal and property damage that occurs during organizational tasks and events. The insurance is valid all over the world in connection with organizational activities. The insured parties are the association, its member organizations, and their members and officials while they are performing organizational tasks and events.

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You can also make any damage reports at the same address or purchase additional insurances for yourself! The insurance coverage is linked to your membership of the Tradenomi Association. If a member resigns or is expelled from the association, the insurance coverage will terminate immediately.