Legal advisory services on private life matters

Full members of Professionals of Business and Technology are entitled to telephone advisory services on legal issues of private life.

The service is carried out by our cooperation partner, Jurentia Attorneys at Law. The scope of the advisory services include:

  • matters concerning inheritance, will and distribution
  • family law matters (prenuptial agreements, property distribution and child support)
  • interitance and gift tax
  • indemnity issues
  • matters covered by bank and insurance law
  • legal matters concerning cohabitation (e.g. dissolution of joint ownership)
  • matters related to renting an apartment and housing corporations, real estate transactions, and other sales of fixed and moveable property, including transaction error

The service does not cover preparation of documents. Matters concerning businesses, investment, positions of trust or social security are excluded from the service. 

In private legal matters, please contact:

Jurentia Attorneys at Law
phone: (09) 6829 4400