Legal advisory services on private life matters

Full members of Professionals of Business and Technology are entitled to telephone advisory services on legal issues of private life.

As a full member of the Finnish Trade Union of Commerce, you have access to free legal advice and a more detailed assessment of your situation. The counseling service covers the following matters, for example:

  • Inheritance, wills, and division of estate
  • Family law matters (prenuptial agreements, gifts to children and spouses, divorce, division of property, and alimony)
  • Inheritance and gift taxation
  • Damage compensation
  • Matters related to banking and insurance law
  • Legal matters of cohabiting couples (e.g., termination of co-ownership)
  • Rental and apartment association matters, real estate transactions, other transactions of immovable and movable property, including defects in the transaction

Telephone counseling covers matters that a member can present and that a lawyer can clarify over the phone without reviewing documents or emails. Counseling does not cover the drafting of documents. Business, company, investment, income activity, trusteeship, and social security matters are not covered by the service.

If the clarification of the matter requires review of documents or other actions that are not covered by this agreement, a member of the Professionals of Business and Technology can enter into a mandate agreement with the law firm Jurentia. Members receive a 15% discount on the fee for the mandate. The current membership must be reported and proof of it (a valid membership card or other equivalent proof) must be presented no later than at the time of signing the mandate agreement in order to receive the discount.

Employment and unemployment security matters are not covered by the service, they are handled as before through the Professionals of Business and Technology employment counseling and unemployment security counseling.

In private legal matters, please contact:

Jurentia Attorneys at Law
phone: (09) 6829 4400