Turva Insurance company - benefits

Turva offers insurance benefits to all members of Akava unions

Turva offers Professionals of Business and Technology members a 10% member discount on voluntary, ongoing insurances. If you have at least one personal, comprehensive, pet, or boat insurance in addition to your Turva home insurance, you will also receive a 10% owner discount.

If you only have one insurance, you will receive the owner discount after two years of customership. These discounts do not apply to motor insurance or life insurance.

In addition, Turva offers tailor-made insurance products for trade union members, such as the comprehensive Liittokasko insurance and the Turvassa life insurance.

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Liittokasko car insurance

Turva's Liittokasko car insurance includes an excellent bonus benefit: your bonus will not decrease, even if you have an accident, if you have driven for three years without accidents. In addition, Liittokasko includes a great rental car benefit: your trip will continue even if your car breaks down in the middle of the journey due to a technical fault.

Turvassa life insurance

Turvassa life insurance is a new and especially affordable life insurance offered by Turva, especially for trade union members. With life insurance, you can help your family financially if you suddenly pass away one day. For example, the mortgage and other expenses do not have to fall entirely on your spouse's shoulders, and you can help your family continue their lives and everyday life in familiar surroundings, even if you are not there yourself. Turvassa life insurance is granted by LähiTapiola Mutual Life Insurance Company.

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Benefit for the unemployed or laid-off

If you are faced with unemployment or layoffs, Turva is flexible with insurance premiums. Turva grants a six-week interest-free additional payment period for insurance premiums to unemployed or laid-off customers upon request. To receive a payment period, an unemployed or laid-off Turva customer must contact Turva customer service when they receive their invoice, where they will receive more detailed instructions.

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