Learn to know your strenghts and spread positive energy through our Kehu service.


Kehu is a free and open service that allows you to send, receive, and record positive feedback. By listing your praises, you will get a concrete understanding of your own skills and strengths. In addition, you can spread good vibes around you in a simple way. The service is personal and the content you add is not visible to others.

Collect positive feedback as usable data

The good feedback you receive or record in Kehu is accumulated into an easy-to-use statistic that you can use to your advantage when applying for a job or in a development discussion. Add your skills and strengths to your job application or CV, or mention the praise you received in a job interview!

Improve work well-being by praising a colleague or subordinate

The world can always use more encouraging words. Spread joy around you by praising a subordinate or colleague for a job well done and create a good atmosphere in your work community. Giving positive feedback is easy - you only need the email address of the person you are praising. The recipient does not have to be a Kehu user, they will receive an email notification of the praise they received anyway. By sending a praise, you can also invite new users!

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