Membership types and fees

Choose a membership type most suitable for you.

Our membership fees are monthly or yearly fixed fees and the amount does not depend on a member’s income. A member is automatically entitled to receive a tax reduction, for which we provide the necessary information to tax authorities on behalf of our members.

Full member (33 €/kk)

The full membership includes all our services and benefits and the membership of the The Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO. Without the membership of KOKO fund the fee is 27,75 € / month.

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Entrepreneur (27,75 €/kk)

We provide entrepreneurs with services designed especially for their needs. In addition, the entrepreneurs are entitled to use all the same services and benefits as full members except unemployment security. 

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Family member (30 €/kk)

Two members of Professionals of Business and Technology living in the same household have the option of family membership. The second member of the household is entitled to lower membership fee and only one Tradenomi magazine is sent to the household. The members are responsible for informing us of starting or ending a family membership. A family member's membership fee without the membership of unemployment fund is 24,75 €/month. 

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Member living abroad

Employees posted abroad for Finnish employers do not need to make changes to the membership of Professionals of Business and Technology or the Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO. The membership fee remains the same. 

For members living abroad for other reasons and who do not belong to the unemployment fund, the membership fee is 40 €/year. 

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Retired member

The membership fee of a retired member is 40 €/ year. Unemployment security and insurances are not included. 

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Student members

Student members can choose the most suitable membership level from three membership levels: black, gold or silver. Being a student member is a smart choice: membership fees paid during studies are refunded in full out of the membership fees after graduation! Read more about student membership

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Tax deduction

The membership fees of Professionals of Business and Technology and the Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO are fully tax-deductible. You can use our calculator (in Finnish) to see how much the membership fees will actually cost you after the tax deduction. 

Membership fee discounts

A member who is without salary for at least 3 consecutive months, is entitled to 50 % reduction of our membership fees. Membership fee discounts are not granted to student members. The member her­/himself must notify us of the grounds for the discount and apply for the reduction in timely manner. Reduced membership fees for the present year must be applied for in February of next year at the latest. A retroactive reduction can not be applied for any later.

The discount can be applied for on grounds of unemployment, family or study leave, for example. 

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Please note about membership fees

  • The right to use our member benefits and services is dependent on membership fees being up­-to­-date.
  • The due date of an invoice can be extended if necessary by agreement with our member services.
  • The membership conditions can be found here

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