Legal protection

Unique legal protection for different situations encountered in working life.

In your own trade union, you get the best understanding of your industry's operations, and the union's lawyers are there to support you in a variety of challenges in the working world. The legal service provided by Tradenomit is also unique in its scope - there is no equivalent legal protection available anywhere else.

The unique legal protection included in membership includes both preventive employment counseling, such as commenting on employment contracts, a variety of advice related to employment, as well as protection to cover the costs of a possible employment-related court case.

Legal protection benefit improves with age

The terms of the benefit improve each year as membership progresses. The longer you are a member, the higher the maximum compensation for the costs of a lawsuit related to an employment matter and the smaller the deductible.

Membership time in years Compensation (€)  Excess (%)
0 10 000  15
1 15 000 14
2 20 000 13
3 21 000 12
4 22 000 11
5 23 000 10
6 24 000 9
7 25 000 8
8 26 000 7
9 27 000 6
10 28 000 5
11 29 000 4
12 30 000 3
13 30 000 2
14 30 000 1
15 30 000 0

The compensation amount for employment-related legal fees rises gradually to 30,000 euros over the course of membership. The deductible decreases by one percent each year until it reaches 0%. The benefit applies to full-, family-, and Musta members, as well as entrepreneur members under certain conditions.

Leagal protection conditions

Professionals of Business and Technology leagal protection conditions (updated 1.5.2022)
BBA Entrepreneurs' Legal Protection Conditions

Instructions for Contacting the Legal Advice Unit

Before contacting the legal advice unit, it is advisable to prepare by considering the legal questions to which you would like an answer. In the first contact by email or through the digital lawyer, it is good to include the necessary background information, such as:

  • The name of the employer
  • A description of the problem
  • Information about the employment relationship (permanent/temporary, duration, etc.)
  • A copy of the employment contract and information on the applicable collective agreement, if the matter relates to the terms of the employment relationship.

Questions can usually be answered within 1-2 working days, but during busy periods, such as just before holidays, it may take a little longer to respond. Please contact us well in advance so that we can help you in the best possible way in your situation.

The use of legal protection requires a decision by the Tradenomi Lawyers' legal unit. If the member has given an assignment to an attorney without first contacting the legal advice unit, the legal protection may be denied. The person handling the member's case must be a labor lawyer approved by the Tradenomi Lawyers' Association.

The membership fee does not include unlimited advice services, but the Tradenomi Lawyers always consider on a case-by-case basis what and how extensive investigations or measures are appropriate in the matter.

Entrepreneur Members' Legal Protection

The legal protection benefit is also valid for self-employed professionals. The following business forms are permitted:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Limited liability company, if the member owns the company alone and has no employees
  • Limited partnership, where the member is solely liable, has no employees, and the silent partner has invested only capital and does not work in the company

For entrepreneurs, the use of the legal protection benefit may be relevant in the following situations:

  • A dispute with a customer about billing and/or the quality of work/services
  • A dispute with the landlord of the premises used for the entrepreneur's activities
  • A dispute with a supplier about billing or the quality of goods.


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