Our strategy is designed to help everyone in our community understand our common goal in a similar way.

The strategy serves as a guiding and directing tool in achieving our operational goals. 

Our values


  • We respond to changes in the workplace, education, and the union field.
  • We innovate our operations, services, and advocacy together with our members.


  • We promote BBAs' competitiveness, equality, and equity in a determined manner.
  • We take responsibility for the well-being and employability of our members.


  • We build a community for our members where everyone's opinion and contribution matters.
  • We encourage each other to interact, share our views, and continuously develop our skills so that no BBA is left alone.


  • We are motivated by our belief in the best working life in the world. We commit to every task seriously, but we don't take life too seriously.
  • Our common goal and mutual trust feed our passion to achieve our goals.


More information on our strategy:

Sari Niemi

Executive Director

050 562 4869