Benefits for Graduates

Are you graduating? Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment!

When you join, you will have access to all the benefits of a full member. As a graduate, you will also enjoy additional benefits on top of our comprehensive services and benefits.

Danske Bank offers the following valuable benefits to recent graduates

  • The most comprehensive services for your daily banking free of charge - you will be able to access the top level of the Danske Etuohjelma program immediately
  • Priority Pass™ card: access to over a thousand airport lounges and comprehensive travel insurance as well as cash withdrawal protection
  • Tools for saving and investing
  • Loan without opening fee - you save 300 euros
  • In addition to the housing loan benefits that apply to all members of the association, an additional 4% interest rate on ASP savings for first-time home buyers

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Find your dream job with the help of Tradenomi's free career and job search services

Where will you go after your studies? It is especially worth taking advantage of all possible help and asking experts for advice on career planning and job search, especially in the early stages of your career. Here are a few tips to support career planning!

  • Take a moment to think about your career goals. Think without prejudice about what you would like to do next and explore different possibilities. Can you express what you are good at and what motivates you? Book a time for personal career coaching, where the coach will familiarize themselves with your situation and coach you personally on job search and career planning-related matters.

  • If you don't have a job yet, you can search job for BBAS

  • Are you preparing for a job interview or writing a job application that asks for a salary expectation? Contact our salary advice and refine your salary request with an expert. A well-founded salary request will give you a good starting point for salary negotiations and you don't have to worry if you asked for too much or too little. You can also find recent graduates' salary recommendations on the same page.

Remember to take care of your unemployment security

Unemployment fund membership is an important security in working life, as members of the fund are entitled to earnings-related unemployment benefit under certain conditions in the event of unemployment. If you are not a member of the fund and become unemployed, you will receive basic unemployment benefit, which is significantly less than earnings-related benefit. Our members belong to The Unemployment Fund For Highly Educated KOKO.

In order to be eligible for earnings-related unemployment benefit, you must meet the membership requirement and the employment requirement. You must have been

  • a member of the unemployment fund for at least 26 weeks
  • and at work during the membership period for at least 26 calendar weeks (Mon - Sun), with a working time of at least 18 hours/calendar week

If you are a Black-level student member of Professionals of Business and Technology, you have already been a member of the unemployment fund and have accumulated your employment requirement. If you are a new member or a Kulta- or Hopea-tason member, you can join the fund now if you have a valid employment contract.

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Are you an entrepreneur? You can join our entrepreneur membership!

We want to support our members on their entrepreneurial journey as well. Career paths are becoming increasingly diverse and many of us work as employees, entrepreneurs, or both at the same time. In the future, even more people will be self-employed. As an entrepreneur member, you will have access to the services of a full member in addition to services targeted at entrepreneurs, such as the extensive service package of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce.

As an entrepreneur member, you are still part of the tradenomi community and network with other entrepreneurs. We advocate for the interests of our entrepreneur members through the Association of Academic Entrepreneurs (AKY), which understands the needs of highly educated entrepreneurs and offers and provides the opportunity to network with other highly educated entrepreneurs.

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Are you a Tradenomi student member? Remember to update your membership!

When you graduate, it is time to change your student membership from student membership to full membership of Professionals of Business and Technology. Remember to update your graduation date and change your membership type to full member.

Update your membership information in the online member service >>

We donate a stylish velvet folder to graduates and those who are transferring to full membership, where you can store your diploma and work certificates. Please mention the folder when you are transferring to full membership.

You will receive your student membership fees back as a cashback benefit

All membership fees paid as a Gold or Black member will be reimbursed within the first three years of membership after graduation. You do not need to apply for a membership fee refund separately, as the benefit will be activated automatically when the member graduates and transfers to full membership of Professionals of Business and Technology.