Entrepreneur services

We offer a wide range of services for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur members are entitled to the same benefits and services as full members, added with our entrepreneurship services.

Entrepreneurship sparring

Full-time or part-time entrepreneurs and those interested in becoming entrepreneurs can make use of our personal entrepreneurship sparring. Our coaches can help you with matters concerning starting a business, being an employer or just every-day issues of an entrepreneur. 

All of the coaches sparring entrepreneurs have entrepreneurship experience of their own. The sparring is always designed to meet your individual needs. The sparring is also offered in English by our partner Työvalmennus Futuuri. 

You can book a time for online sparring session here

Other entrepreneurship services

  • Events, training and webinars (mostly in Finnish)
  • Tradenomiyrittäjät network, join the Facebook group here
  • Service package from the Federation of Finnish Enterprises (for entrepreneur members 0 €)
  • VirtualLawyer service by Fondia, includes articles concerning legal questions (in Finnish and in English). 

Please note that you have to apply separately for the membership of the unemployment fund.

Member services

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