You can resign from the union anytime but consider the effects of resigning on your situation.

You can resign anytime but we hope that you consider these issues before doing that. 

The membership fee is tax-deductible

Concerning the tax deduction, the membership fee of a full member is on average less than 250 € per year including the membership fee of the unemployment fund which is 66 € year. The value of the unemployment fund memberhip and insurances alone are more than 200 € per year. The value of your membership depends on how much you utilise our services. 

Please remember that we grant membership fee discounts during family leaves or unemployment, for example. 

When you resign, the right to use e.g. the following services and benefits ends: 

  • unemployment security
  • legal protection
  • accident and traveler's insurance
  • employment counseling and legal services
  • personal career coaching
  • personal salary counseling
  • wellbeing coaching and entrepreneurship services

All our member benefits and services are listed here. 

We promote our members' interest

We fully focus on promoting our members' interest in the labor market and strive for safeguarding and improving the terms of employment of business graduates. We serve as an interest organisation in private and publis sectors. We negotiate collective agreements in collaboration with other Akava trade unions. In public sector our negoatiation organisation is the Negotiation Organization for Public Sector Professionals (JUKO) and in private sector the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN). The general salary increases, for example, are agreed in collective agreements. 

Many business professionals work in sectors without collective agreements. Entrepreneurship is also a growing trend among our members. However, we support our members in all situations encountered in working life. Our aim is the best working life in the world and we higlight the importance of wellbeing at work, for example. 

We help our members find employment

If you become unemployed, resigning is not a good option. Our members' unemployment periods last typically only 2-3 months and we help our members to get employed by personal career coaching, salary counseling and trainings related to job search. In addition, we offer our members extensive unemployment counseling. 

We grant 50 per cent membership fee discount on the grounds of unemployment. The discounted fee is 16,5 € per month. You can apply for the discount when the unemployment exceeds a period of three months. The membership fee is tax-deductible so the actual membership fee is less than 10 € per mont.  

I still want to resign, what should I do?

Resigning always requires contacting the membership services. This is due to our obligation to make sure that the member fully understands the effects of resigning to insurances and unemployment security. 

If you still consider resigning, contact our membership services, or tel. 020 155 8803.