Blog: On a road to labor politics’ core - Veera Nyfors, Akavan opiskelijat


Like about everyone, I’m going to start with saying how unusual 2020 has been. Organizations, associations and the entire student movement has been shaken to their very core. This year, we have been so uncertain whether we can carry on with our day-to-day operations and how we can provide our members the services they deserve.

But even though the year has been rough, it has also shown us, how resilient and able-to-adapt we all are and how much we are able to accomplish even when the world is straight up burning around us.

This year, almost all operations have been provided online. At Akavan opiskelijat, we have transferred our meetings and get-togethers to different online platforms, for which we have been in demand to scrutinize our operations and consider, how we can do different things without the physical presence. One example of this kind of meeting is our latest delegation meeting, which was held 27.11. totally online. In this meeting, we determined our operations for next year and also chose the people, who are going to responsible for actually implementing them. In this meeting, I was also honored to be selected as a Chairperson.

So, what is Akavan opiskelijat? We are a organ admined by Akava, and we are responsible of all student operations within it. This means promotion of interests for over 115 000 students.

Our guidelines come from the delegation, which I mentioned earlier. As a Chairperson, I’ll be leading this. I’m also responsible for acting in behalf of Akavan opiskelijat, adding our media presence, and leading the development of student operations. As everywhere else, the job description is very diverse and changes according to organization’s needs.

Next year we will be implementing the first strategy Akavan opiskelijat has ever had. In this strategy, through-out 2021-2024 we will develop our operations to being more lean and clear. On our daily basis, this means that we will scrutinize every single thing w edo to make sure that we are doing our tasks as efficiently as possible. And if that is not the case, we will re-design and implement them.

Next year, I’m truly looking forward (and especially hoping) to actually meet and greet other student actives. Social contacts and benchmarking also outside of Internet are crucial for maintaining our network and developing operations together. And if you ask me, usually the best conversations and ideas are tossed around outside the meetings.

Happy (and super safe) holidays for everyone!

Veera Nyfors
Chairperson at Akavan opiskelijat, 2021

Veera Nyfors

Chairperson of Akavan opiskelijat 2021