How do you stand out from other applicants with your resume?
What will you write down into your application?
How much can you ask for your salary?



Every year we help thousands of our members with these difficult job searching questions.
You can take full advantage of our services as a Gold and Black level member and we can
help you to get your own summer job. Join as a member now!


Gold and Black memberships benefits to job searching:

Resume & job application
•  Send us your application before applying to the job, you’ll be able to improve your
application with the feedback from a professional.
•  With an improved resume, you are more likely get into the job interview, and thereby to
sign the employment contract.

Salary counseling
•  Well go through your situation with you and give you a concrete amount for the salary request.
•  We have the expertise, along with statistics of BBA students over decades.

Career coaching
•  Where do you want to be in your future and how do you get there?
•  Professionals help you through the internet with personal and confidential coaching

After receiving a job offer:

Lawyer’s services
•  Is there something off in the employment contract?
•  Before signing, you can get the contract checked by our lawyers. They go through the potential problems and how to avoid them.

Unemployment fund
•  You can join an unemployment fund through a Black membership after you have started in
an active employment.
•  This is how you gain financial security for life after graduation.
•  Once a working condition (18h/week for 26 weeks) has been fulfilled during your studies,
you’ll be entitled to earnings-related unemployment allowance. This allowance is much more
than for example the basic allowance from Kela.