Jobs and work placements

Jobs aimed at BBAs and BBA students are listed on the Professionals of Business and Technology website. Check the job ads in Tradenomiitti and LinkedIn group of Professionals of Business and Technology, as well. 

You can also utilise job search websites, for example: 

Get visibility for your job search by telling your social media, especially LinkedIn, network about your situation and skills. Make sure that your profile is up-to-date and carefully filled. Follow companies and organisations of your interest, take part in discussion and write blogs and postings, if it feels comfortable for you. 

Join groups where open positions are posted, for example the Linkedin group of Professionals of Business and Technology and the groups of Duunitori. 

Many employers seek professionals directly through universities of applied sciences. Keep your eyes open and follow the communications of your UAS. The career coaches at universities of applied sciences can also assist you in matters related to job search.

Meet people and build networks by taking part in recruiting events organised by your school and other organisations. Have your updated CV with you and talk with employers face-to-face. Remember to practice a short elevator pitch that you can use to highlight your skills. Think of questions to the potential employers beforehand. What you expect from a job and employer? 

Hidden jobs are usually found via networks and following companies of your interest. Contact interesting companies directly and leave an open application.