Blog: Black Weeks - change of plans, see what happened!


Hello everyone!

The annual campaign, Black Weeks, was one of our biggest projects for the Spring. We started planning early in the year and the aim was to run a successful and visible campaign - both online and present. About a week before the campaign, a new situation in the world made us redo our plans completely.

The board’s training weekend was just around the corner when the first restrictions came. Luckily, we were able to get our hands into the changes immediately and to start thinking outside of the box: What do we do now? Black Weeks were supposed to be full of standing on campuses and various events by local associations all around Finland, as well as field tour and support from our board. When this was no longer possible, we moved the entire campaign online.

The communications specialist Maarit, from The Professionals of Business and Technology, and our communications manager Annika made materials for social media, which we gave to local associations for use. The materials were seen to be used by many associations over those two weeks, and it is absolutely amazing to see how well associations started the campaign. Usually membership acquisition is mostly done through stands and class tours, so physical contact is needed. Going completely online was a new but necessary for us to learn. As studies are moving to online year by year, we also need to come up with new ways to be visible and present to our members. 

To support social interaction, we also created a Discord channel for BBA students, which anyone can join and ask, for example, interesting questions, play or otherwise chat with others. Feel free to join!

Even though we and our local associations had to redo all their plans for the campaign, everything turned out better than expected! Visibility was huge and awareness of Black membership and unemployment fund grew nationwide. In a situation like this, we can only be proud of the local associations, they could not have done better job.

Cheers, take care of yourself!