Blog: Celebrating May Day with your cap on


Celebrating May Day with your cap on

The blog is based on a 6-angle white cap with a velvet cover.

Add a gray velvet edge, a lip and a gray-green silk tassel attached to the right side of the cap.

A green and white print is printed on the inside lining. Finally, place a gold-colored cockade in the center of the velvet border, above the lip.

The cockade has the Students of Business and Technology emblem decorated with oak leaves.

This recipe is used to make the business graduate cap.


The business graduate cap is a much newer cap compared to, for example, the engineer’s cap, which was conceived in 1969. The official business graduate cap has only been available for purchase since 2005.

Mostly this is reflected in how identifiable the business graduate cap has become.

On May Day 2021, when I was celebrating in Helsinki's Kaivopuisto with my friends, we came across another half-familiar student group studying at the same school with me in Haaga-Helia. They marveled at the hat on my head and asked, "What hat is that?" The hat on my head was the business graduate cap. I can safely say that if I had had an engineer’s or tech cap on my head, that question would not have been needed.


How could this be changed?

The business graduate cap is an emblem of the BBA community, which can be obtained by any BBA graduate or a BBA student. The cap itself can be worn at student events and events that reflect and promote BBA identity and community.

It is a little late to get the business graduate cap for this May Day, but fortunately the cap can also be used elsewhere. Whether it’s an annual gala, an appro, a sitz or any other student event, having the business graduate cap on your head or shoulder is a fitting style to have fun and represent your own degree!


Sure, we still have a long way to go before every passerby recognizes what we represent, but in this way the reputation and community of all BBA’s can be built better.


Happy May Day to all!

Aaro Huttula

Vice Chairperson

050 347 2656

Regional responsibility: PORA ry, VATO ry, WsTf sf, Trade ry, RLO Kilta ry