Blog: Greetings from the future chairperson


I have the honour to be elected as the chairperson of the union for the year 2021 in the general assembly of the Students of Business and Technology. I’ve now spent three years in this community and cannot wait to continue the work for the good of BBA-students as the future chairperson.

The upcoming year will be interesting for me as well as for the entire new board of the union. At least the start of the new year will be shaded by the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as the current situation diminishes our possibilities to operate, it gives us plenty of time to plan and develop the operations of the Students of Business and Technology. Hence, the upcoming term will be full of reform and development. Together we’ll get to plan a new direction for our lobbying and to develop more of our campaigns forward.

Last weekend, we met for the first time with the newly elected board. The agenda included rigorous briefing of the upcoming challenges of the coming year, which was done together with the new board as well as with the representatives of the current board. Additionally, the chairperson and personnel of the Professionals of Business and Technology supported our orientation with their own knowledge and experience. Of course, we also had time to get to know each other and bond with the new board members. Based solely on this one weekend, I have to say I am more than happy how motivated and competent the board for the next year is shaping up to be.

We also held our organization meeting last weekend where the responsibilities of the board were decided.

The responsibilities are as follows:

Jere Liitiäinen – Chairperson
Elina Leppä – Vice chairperson – HePo ry, Hattara ry, HanSe SF

Aapo Hirvonen – Members – KuoTra ry, MTO ry, Joensuun Kilta ry
Väinö Haapamäki – Members – Talko ry, Sture ry, Atkins ry
Mindi Katainen – Events – PORA ry, VATO ry. WsTf sf, Trade ry, RLO Kilta ry
Maiju Jokihaara – Lobbying – OUTO ry, TOKKO ry, ROTTA ry, KAATO ry, PeriKATO ry
Anna Poropudas – Lobbying – Trombi ry, Jenkins, ry, LATO ry
Eppu Åberg – Advocacy communications – Linkki ry, LapTOP ry, Klato ry
Sini Tuovinen – Communications – Konkurssi ry, TTO ry, SULKA ry, Hätä ry

Looking forward to next year!