BLOG: The direction of the future must be corrected now!


The parliamentary elections are just around the corner, and the general discussion has focused on the coping skills of young people, as well as the quality and funding of education.

In future elections and government negotiations, it is necessary to look far into the future, because today's investments in education will be reflected in a more competitive, prosperous and civilized Finland in the future.

We’re campaigning during the elections to raise students' awareness of the topics that concern them and for the higher education institutions of the future. The voice of young people must be heard in the parliamentary elections and in setting the direction of the future!

We will raise awareness to our education policy program and present our top goals regarding, among other things, higher education resources and funding, the quality of teaching, and the working life orientation of studies. In this blog, we present some of our goals from our education policy program:

👉 The funding model of universities of applied sciences should support better quality employment

The current model is mainly based on completed degrees, which leads to a deterioration in the quality of study courses and variability in evaluation criteria.

The funding model must be developed in a direction that guides universities of applied sciences to raise the quality of education and other activities. In addition to this, the number of degrees for BBA students should not be increased, but if and when this happens, the amount of funding should correspond to this development. Nor should the duties or responsibilities of universities of applied sciences be increased without an equal increase in resources and funding.

👉 The performance focus of studies must be lightened

The current funding model has a negative effect on students' ability to cope by pushing them out of school as quickly as possible. By lightening the focus on the results of the funding model and by being flexible about the completion time, the mental and physical work ability of the graduating students is ensured when they transition to working life.

👉YAMK (fin) degree must be changed to Master's also in Finnish by name!

The degree title of higher university of applied sciences degrees should be changed to the master's (AMK) ending to better reflect the content of the degree and to describe the level of the degree recognized in the Finnish degree system.

👉 Students must receive sufficient support during their studies

Discontinuation of studies and exclusion of students have been on the rise in recent years. Students must be supported by providing them with sufficient opportunities to utilize the services of a study counselor, school curator and school psychologist. High-quality and easily accessible support services support the student's well-being, coping and graduation on time.

You can read our entire education policy program here! (Only in finnish at this time)


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