Student culture vol. 2: Rotta ry and the student culture of the north


Rovaniemi BBA students ROTTA ry was founded in 2009 as an association for BBA students to promote the interests of Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences (later Lapland University of Applied Sciences) students, to organize events and to take care of well-being on and off campus. In 2019, we held a 10-year anniversary celebration with old association members, union people and other associations.

Our event culture always strives to make events as fun and refreshing as possible for students (in the field of BBA and also for others). We have bright yellow overalls here in Rovaniemi, and we have always been told that we are really lively and happy to be seen. We always try to be involved in as many events as possible and also bring our association to the fore at various events. We have a few traditions, for example the Rafting event in the autumn semester, which is organized together with the Rovaniemi Engineering Students' Association RovIO. In other words, co-operation with engineering students has been maintained here in the north as well. Another of our traditions is the Overall baptism for freshmen in November.

What makes us special is that we are always involved in events, especially those organized by other Lapland University of Applied Sciences associations, and we are always ready to help. We strive to take everything into account and offer our students as much variety as possible in student life.

The highlight of the student culture of the year is definitely the above-mentioned Rafting event, which has been held many times and its traditions go far. About 500 tickets have usually been sold for the event, so it has always been one of our biggest events during the autumn semester, and students from Lapland University of Applied Sciences and the University of Lapland will take part in it. In addition, the theme of rafting has changed every year so that the attire of the event stays fresh for older students as well.