Student culture vol. 4: Student culture in Seinäjoki


Seinäjoki’s BBA student’s own student association SULKA ry has been supporting students since 1954. That's a respectable 67 years! We also have 270 members.

We believe that the student culture in Seinäjoki is basically the same as elsewhere, but of course we strive to bring our own specialities. We work a lot with engineering students in particular, because we also share our office with them. Together with them, we organize a charity party once a year, the proceeds of which go to a charity of our choice, for example in 2018 to the Cancer Foundation. It has also become customary to organize the Take Me party on Valentine's Day, which has traditionally always been the biggest party of the year, except for of course May Day.

After all, each association must also have its own traditional drinking game, and of course it is SULKApallo. The game differs slightly from the traditional badminton played with rackets and it has been grounded into a diamond over the decades after numerous plays.

Although Seinäjoki is a fairly small place, student life here is vibrant. We recommend everyone to come and explore the Capital of Space! RAISE A TOAST FOR IT!