The most pivotal vote can be your vote!


It’s almost November and mystical candidateposters are appealing all around campus walls and doors. Facebook wall is filled with great official photos about your studybuddies and those include some kind of number. Are these buddies running for something? What are they gonna do?

Little by little have started the best time of Student Unions across the Finland: voting days of representative council election. In these days different degree students are running to representative council and these students want to be part of decision making that affects our studentlife. We have also BBA degree student actives and active starters all around Finland who represent our national campaign called Haluan Päättää which we organize in a co-operation with the National Union of Engineer Students.  With this campaign we pursue to rise voting activity around student unions and get more BBA and engineer students through to become members of representative councils. 

Why should I vote in representative council election?

Every student doesn’t give a much interest about lobbying and that’s not even necessary. But why wouldn’t you give your vote to someone same kind degree student who wants to do it for you? The main thing people see usually student actives action is about partying of organizing them. Representative council’s purpose is something different; It’s about lobbying and making good decisions to improve our student life and culture. This is also your moment to make an influence by giving your vote. 

I want to send these greetings all the candidates who are running for this election: Stand behind your values and goals. Be courageous and active. Remember that being a representative council’s member gives your more if your ready to give it more about yourself. Co-operation and communication between other candidates and future representative council member is the main key. With these notes you’re on a journey to become a policymaker of studentlife. 

It is time to enjoy the glory of these elections and have a popcorn when vote counting starts. I wish good luck for all the candidates who are running for these elections! But before that remember that most important thing is that you vote. One vote can be pivotal in these elections and that can be exactly your vote.