TradeÅ, the new member association of the Students of Business and Technology!


The Students of Business and Technology board has approved TradeÅ as its new member association at its 4/2023 meeting. TradeÅ operates at Yrgeshögskolan Novia Turku campus and represents students studying business administration there and graduating as Bachelor of Business Administration. The association was founded in March 2023 and it's chair is Jennie Hagman and vice-chair is Hilla Haaparanta.


- It feels really wonderful to start cooperating with the Students of Business and Technology, both inside our school and outside the school boundaries. We've felt a bit outsiders and left in the shadows for a long time, so it's wonderful to finally be able to make contact with other BBA students from all over Finland. We especially want to grow Turku's BBA community and help its development, TradeÅ's bureau describes.


- We are happy that the registration as an association took place quickly and flawlessly. The whole board is looking forward to autumn, when we can properly start our activities for both new and older students. It feels great that we are the ones who started this association and I think all the board members are very proud of it. We have also received excellent feedback from both staff and students at the school and other people we have been in contact with. We do have a really great board together and it feels like only the sky is the limit, Jennie and Hilla add.


The Students of Business and Technology are also happy to have TradeÅ joining in.


- It's wonderful to see how self-initiated and enthusiastic groups can be found on our field! Great to get TradeÅ involved in the activity and part of the larger BBA community. Together we will be able to work better and continue to develop operations. The board warmly welcomes TradeÅ to join, tells Annika Väänänen, the chair of the Students of Business and Technology.


The cooperation further strengthens the association's visibility among Swedish-speaking universities of applied sciences. Since the beginning, the Students of Business and Technology member associations have included two Swedish-speaking associations; Wasa Svenska Tradenomförening rf (WsTF) and Handel och Service studerandeförening (HanSe sf).


With the joining of TradeÅ, the number of member associations of the union will increase to 30.