Salary counseling

How much I should ask for a summer job or for a first job after graduation?

Salaries are primarily determined by how demanding the job is but also by the region and industry. When you need help when defining a salary request or assessing your current salary level, contact our salary counseling. All members of Students of Business and Technology are entitled to use the service. 

We also define salary recommedendations for BBA students and recent graduates to help them form an idea of their accurate salary level. 

Salary recommendations for recent BBA graduates


Experience / competence

Salary recommendation

Little experience / competence                 

2800 €

Moderate experience / competence

3200 €

Extensive experience / competence

3500 €

The BBA degree prepares for expert and development tasks in various fields. The recommendations are applied to those working in tasks corresponding the education.

The salary should primarily be determined by the level of demand of the work responsibilities. Professional expertise and special skills that are useful for the job, such as IT and language skills, are also affecting the salary level.

Salary recommendation for trainees and summer workers 


Stage of studies

Salary recommendation

1st year students                  

2000 - 2400 e/month

2nd year students 

2100 - 2500 e/month

3rd year students

2300 - 2700 e/month

4th year students

2400 - 2800 e/month


The salary may vary +/- 20 % from the recommendation depending on the job. It is highly recommended that the work placement included in the studies and potential summer jobs are related to the education in order to develop as an expert. 

We recommend that you update your membership to Black level when starting paid work placement, summer job or other paid job during your studies. The Black level membership includes the membership of the Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO which provides insurance in case you become unemployed. You have to be currently employed in order to be able to join the fund.