Triol On The Road - Campaign theme is job search

11.10.2021 | Career

A wonderful start to the week and to TRIOL On The Road week! Well what is this TRIOL? TRIOL On The Road is a joint annual campaign of Students of Business and Technology and the ​​The Union of Engineering Students. The purpose of the campaign is to address important issues in common. This year, we have focused our themes on job search and even more on summer job search.

Application deadlines for summer jobs are getting earlier year by year. For many autumns, I myself have been faced with a situation where I find that many interesting searches have already begun and I am not yet ready at all. It is known that updating a good CV or making it completely new takes a lot of time. That is why we wanted to choose summer jobs as the theme for this year.

Applying for summer jobs is an exciting time, especially when you’re trying to get that first job in your field. It is good to remember that you should ask for help if your CV and job applications are not your strongest skills. Professionals of Business and Technology offer a variety of career services to student members at the gold and black levels. You can take advantage of this service that is part of your membership, if you want help making a good CV, you do not know a suitable salary wish, you want help identifying your skills or you need career advice. By logging in to the Professionals of Business and Technology website, you also have access to a comprehensive library of teaching materials.

We hereby wish you a wonderful and very rewarding TRIOL week! We hope you enjoy this week!

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