Accident and traveler's insurance

The membership includes insurance coverage for leisure time accidents and travels.

The accident and traveler's insurance is included in full membership and black and gold level student memberships. The membership card is also your traveler's insurance card. It shows the insurance policy number and validity period. The insurance covers members whose permanent residence is in Finland. 

Traveler's insurance covers medical expenses incurred by illnesses and accidents during travel, including repatriation of the insured (in cases of disabling sickness or injury), approved by If Vahinkovakuutusyhtiö, and additional expenses caused by the cancellation or interruption of travel due to illness or accident. Medical expenses due to illness are covered for a maximum of 90 days from the start of the treatment, and medical expenses due to accidents are covered for a maximum of three years from the occurrence of the accident. The insurance is in effect for a maximum of 45 days from the start of each leisure time trip. If the trip lasts more than 45 days, please contact If Vahinkovakuutusyhtiö for other insurance alternatives. The insurance covers leisure time accidents if they are not covered on the basis of any law.

Coverage for medical expenses due to accident

The compensation for medical treatment of an injury caused by an accident is 6214 € per accident. The deductible is 100 € per accident.

Coverage for a permanent handicap

The compensation for a permanent handicap is a maximum of 22 347 € per accident. Compensation paid from this amount is based on the degree of the medical handicap. Section 3.9 of the insurance terms and conditions states that no compensation will be paid twice.

Coverage for death caused by an accident 

The compensation for death caused by an accident is 11 175 €. The insurance does not include a per diem. In the general terms and conditions, the beneficiaries of the Professionals of Business and Technology accident insurance are always the next of kin of the insured person.

Insurance coverage for children

Children under 20 years of age traveling with their insured parent are included in the insurance (only one policy simultaneously). Children have the same coverage as the member. In addition, compensation for death caused by an accident is 2000 € and for a complete permanent handicap it is 10 000 €. 

How to apply for the compensation

You can apply for the compensation via If's My pages. In the application form there is a separate section in which you choose the union you belong to. If you need any help with applying for the compensation, contact If customer service