Other insurance benefits provided by If

As our member, you are entitled to considerable discounts on insurances provided by If.

Primus life insurance

Our members qualify for Primus, the most competitively priced life insurance scheme available in Finland. All Primus life insurance policies include a free additional benefit worth EUR 2,000, which is only available for institutional customers. Members' spouses also qualify.

Children of members are eligible for Primus accident insurance, which is valid during all leisure time, sports included. The policy costs about 3 euros per month and be used in lieu of the license insurance required bt many sports federations.

The Primus insurance is offered only to the members of the contract associations of If and Kaleva and their families. The coverage is provided by the Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company. You can purchase the insurance from If or online at henkivakuutuskuntoon.fi.

Benefits from centralization

Members of If's partner organisations may receive up to 16 percent centralization discount from their insurance premiums. In addition, If rewards customers who have centralized and enjoy accident-free policy periods by means of discounted deductibles if an accident does happen

For more information on your insurance benefits, visit if.fi/tral or contact If customer service