The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree

The BBA education prepares independent experts for working life.

Bachelor of Business Administration is a bachelor's degree preparing experts and supervisors for working life. Business and information technology are the biggest study fields. BBAs are able to adapt to the changing working life and create new strategies and practices. 

The degree programmes include, for example, marketing, ICT, leadership, studies related to entrepreneurship and internationality, financial management and a work placement of six months. 

BBAs work in all sectors, for example in finance, ICT, commerce and technology, as managers, specialists, developers and many other roles. 

The BBA degree in a nutshell

  • 210 ECTS
  • duration approximately 3,5 years
  • a work placement (6 months, 30 ECTS) and a thesis (15 ECTS) are included in the studies
  • the degree can be studied in Finnish, English and Swedish in 21 universities of applied sciences 
  • approximately 5000 BBAs graduate every year

The degree programme offering varies in different universities of applied sciences. More information about the BBA degree and studying options can be found from the Studyinfo service